What COVID Means for Energy Advising, Rebates

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Hello CORE Family,

Our reality has changed a lot since we snapped this carefree staff photo last fall. Even though we’re working remotely now, our team is still shoulder-to-shoulder with you in our work to co-create a healthy, carbon-free world. Find out how we’re minimizing the spread while still maximizing your impact.

Learn more about CORE’s approach during the COVID-19 outbreak here.

And the Winner Is…All of Us! CORE’s 2019 Energy Warrior Awards

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As the 25th anniversary year winds down, CORE had one final move: honoring local champions of clean energy and climate restoration with our first-annual Energy Warrior Awards. Under the guise to the organization’s quarter-century celebration last month, we surprised ten local individuals and a nonprofit with awards in five categories. Two tributes — to the past and the future — highlighted the evening, with the Lifetime Achievement award honoring Bill Stirling and the Youth category prize bestowed on […]

Don’t be a Turkey: How to Talk Climate This Thanksgiving

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Over 27 million Americans (65% of the population) rarely — if ever — talk about climate change.*  This jaw-dropping number of people choose not to mention climate, when it is impossible for me not to talk about it. I talk about it over margs with friends and over cake at my cousin’s wedding; I also let my senators know what I think they should do about it.

The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard of

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If you care about clean energy and think utilities are boring, think again. Utilities play a key role in the fight against climate change. As much as 70 percent of Pitkin County’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy used in homes and businesses. And at present, 58 percent of the energy provided by the valley’s largest electric utility — Holy Cross Energy — comes from coal. That’s why a utility’s decisions around clean energy and energy efficiency matter.

Luckily, there’s […]

Out Like a Light: Bulb Recycling 101

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Technology is changing faster than ever. This is even true with lighting. Upgrading to LED is a no-brainer. But what to do with your old bubs? It depends on the type:

Incandescent bulbs:

Odds are your house still has a handful of these. For years and years, they were the most common light bulb. You may be able to distinguish them by the metal filament. If you give them a light shake, you’ll hear a […]