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I am taking steps to restore our climate by leading climate change education efforts through Wild Rose Education both locally, across the region, and across the country. Teaching talented educators and facilitators to be confident and knowledgeable in climate topics through graduate courses, professional development, and facilitating networks is inspiring and impactful. As a PolarTREC educator I am reaching youth and adults with polar science and climate change through many channels. Making the science and justice impacts […]


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Living over 35 years in Colorado, ive witnessed the climate changing continuously for decades. As a dendrophile Ive witnessed our forests and trees impacted severely. Aspen stands dying off from fungal diseases & heart attacks from drought, beetles turning our conifers into brown & red matchsticks. The accumulation of these dead trees have fueled the largest wildfires in the states history. BACK TO STORIES / HISTORIAS

Long Soldier

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I come from Lakota Nation. I am an Oglala elder. Living in harmony with earth and the elements that constitute all life forms , is part of the way of life that all Indigenous Peoples share. With the exploitation of Mother earth, the 4 elements are poisoned and consequently humans and all living beings are impacted. Climate change affects all of us. As the Cree proverb goes: “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish […]


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When I was a little kid we used to have a lot more rainfall and we used to have this little river that crosses through the middle of the city. And by the time I was a teenager, there was nothing, it was totally dry. The planet is warming up and it’s becoming a little bit more difficult to live. We as humans keep adapting, but I think once we adapt we forget about the challenges that […]


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I am scared because no matter how hard people fight it seems like people still don’t care! When I was around 6 I had a dream to go to Australia and see the great beerier reef but later I was told that over 93% is bleached! Coral is not like humans it does not die of old age, we are killing it! Why is it dyeing? Because the average temperature of the ocean went down 1 degree! […]


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Climate instability takes up more and more resources each year, leaving less and less to address the needs of the most vulnerable to its effects. We now routinely rebuild cities destroyed by violent climate events, and that is terrifying. BACK TO STORIES / HISTORIAS


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I could be cliche and say climate Change is coming whether we like it or not. But that would be a lie because Climate Change is already here. It’s often overwhelming thinking about how our species will possibly navigate the largest threat we’ve ever faced, but I love science and I have great trust in its potential. My greatest hope is that people will start to trust climate scientists as much as cancer scientists, because they both […]


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While I want everyone to be awake to the climate challenges we face, I am really hopeful that we can each remain positive and take actions to make the future into a much better place for all. BACK TO STORIES / HISTORIAS

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