Saving Time + Energy

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Yvonne Klausmann and her daughters enjoying the fruits of their labor on a fall afternoon at their Snowmass Village home.

On a Thursday morning, I gave Snowmass Village resident Yvonne Klausmann a call, inquiring if she’d be willing to be featured in our monthly You Are Powerful campaign. With the sound of saws in the background (she is in the midst of a significant home remodel) we chatted about her […]

Local Savings Help Clark’s Market Grow

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Dave Clark and Tom Clark Jr. (left to right) have a laugh at the Aspen Clark’s Market juggling oranges in the revamped produce section.
Photo credit: Michele Cardamone Photography

Forty years ago, Tom Clark Sr. opened his first market in Aspen. Since then, the store donning his last name, Clark’s Market, has grown to nine Colorado locations, two in Utah, and a recently opened store in Sedona, AZ. Every store is unique in […]

The Solar Way

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“With our rebates from CORE, we installed solar panels, cutting last month’s electric bill by almost 95% and lowering our carbon footprint,” said Greg Poschman, enjoying the Pitkin County solar gain with his family. Photo: Michele Cardamone Photography

High above the valley floor, on a winding lane rightly named Solar Way, blue skies frame Pitkin County Commissioner Greg Poschman’s home. It’s natural that the Aspen native looked to the sun to offset his family’s home energy consumption and protect the […]

Leave Your Worries to CORE

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Photo credit: Michele Cardamone

In 1973, William Crelli left his steel and coal mining Pennsylvania hometown to try out the Rocky Mountain terrain. Forty-five years later and he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“I was just going to stay for a ski season or two, but ended up staying,” commented Crelli, “I love the people and the community.”

The 71-year-old Aspen local, who goes by Billy, has a laundry list of occupations that kept him going over the years. He’s worked […]

She’s not just making vodka, she’s distilling change.

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What does it take to build one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries? Ask Carbondale’s Connie Baker.

On a whim, the former contractor went to distilling school where she fell in love with making vodka, discovering that, “it can be made from almost anything.” She spent the next four years creating mashes and developing recipes that would become the cornerstone of Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn (MDC), a Carbondale, Colorado-based business, and world’s first net-zero distillery, that […]

Energy Efficiency at Her Fingertips

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Mary Frances Szoradi at home with daughter Amelia: “Our smart thermostats are super convenient. Controlling our thermostat and seeing our energy use right from our phones gives us more time for playing outside with our daughter, even when it snows in May.” Photo credit Michele Cardamone Photography.

When Mary Frances Szoradi explains why she and her husband are modernizing their mid-70s home, she cuts right to the chase: “carpeting in the bathroom.” But faster than you can say “outta here,” […]

The Mountains Are Calling

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Like many of us in the Roaring Fork Valley, the allure of the Rockies was big for Rose Abello — 2,000 miles big. On vacation from her NY career, she was perched on a chairlift when she decided it was time to convert her ski town fantasy to reality. With her eye on Aspen, she packed her bags in 1997 and threw down roots. So when it came time to purchase a home here, the PR and tourism pro […]

Water Efficiency Moves Them

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“We love spending time on the river with our boys,” says Chad Rudow. “We’re protecting the snowpack — which becomes water in our rivers — and saving energy, thanks to two rebates from CORE.” Image: Michele Cardamone Photography

You might say that the river runs through him. Chad Rudow’s love affair with water “goes quite a ways back,” to childhood hikes with his family alongside the streams of Estes Park. Later, as a young river guide, he gained […]

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