WEBINAR: New Build Electrification – Consumers

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June 15th @ 5:30 pm – REGISTER FOR FREE

There have never been more choices available to heat your home responsibly while moving away from natural gas. Heat pump technology has been used for almost 70 years, to heat and cool homes in milder climates. Over the last 15 years, major technology improvements in heat pumps have made them the economically practical and environmentally superior choice for heating and cooling in all Colorado climate zones.

This discussion with Consumers planning […]

Vote for Carbon-free Future

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You’ve probably heard of Holy Cross Energy, but like most people, you might not think about your utilities much after that. As the valley’s largest utility, it might be worth taking a closer look, since they are responsible for providing clean, sustainable electricity options from Aspen to Vail. HCE is a cooperative, which means it’s the customers who have a say in decision making, so that’s where you come in. The energy coop is having an […]

Earth Day Action

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Limited time offer for the first 25 sign-ups through April 22, 2021. Available to Roaring Fork Valley residents in Pitkin and Eagle counties. 

Let’s Get Going!

A better life starts with a better space. Tell us about your project in the form at right. The second you hit submit, we’re on the job connecting you to our free energy advising, incentives and […]

Roaring Stories: Climate of Love – Watch on Youtube

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We are proud to present Roaring Stories: Climate of Love in its entirety and in full HD.

Watch Roaring Stories!

The 2020 Roaring Stories theme is “Climate of Love”:

Have you ever fallen in love with a place — the same way you can fall in love with a person — and seen it change before your eyes? Maybe because of climate change? What happened next? We invite you to bring stories of […]

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

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CORE is here to help you create a comfortable, healthy, carbon-free space 365 days a year, and for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we want to make it extra special. We challenge you and your household to complete the Earth Day Energy Scavenger Hunt!


How it Works

It’s simple: download the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and complete as many items as you can and share it on […]

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