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Ribbon cutting ceremony at Buttermilk ski area base

Buttermilk Base Renovation Celebration

There was much to celebrate at SkiCo’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Buttermilk base area renovation last week with a whole new Skier Services building and energy efficiency upgrades at the Lodge.

Mary Wiener, CORE’s New Energy Manager

Meet Mary Wiener, CORE’s New Energy Manager

“Working with people to help them reduce their utility bills, make their homes and buildings more comfortable while also making them safer and healthier is great work for me.  I get to be out in the field helping people and it’s both mental and physical, which is a good combination.”

CORE Partners with 10th Mountain Hut Division

CORE provided $36,000 in rebates for the 10th Mountain Hut Division employee housing complex.

Page in Green Builder Magazine showing Aspen as the winner of their Sustainable Communities of the Year Award!

City of Aspen Wins Sustainable Communities of the Year Award

Congratulations to the City of Aspen for winning Green Builder Magazine’s Sustainable Communities of the Year Award!

City of Aspen Recognized by the EPA

The EPA recognized Aspen this week in a national outreach campaign for the work CORE and the City of Aspen are doing with Building IQ, a program to benchmark large buildings in Aspen.

There to Help: CORE’s Income-qualified Program

CORE offers free energy assessments and double rebates for income qualified residents.

Cooking Without Gas

Watch Chef Martin’s cooking demonstration on an induction stove, and learn more about why you should switch from gas to electric.

The 5 W’s of Cooling with a Heat Pump

Did you know that heat pumps are not only for heating, but for cooling too? Find out why this 2 in 1 system is the most efficient on the market.

25 Reasons to Get an Energy Assessment

Interested in sustainability but not convinced? Here are 25 reasons to start your path to zero with an energy assessment.

It’s All HERS

HERS is the Home Energy Rating System that has become the industry standard on how to measure and calculate the energy efficiency of homes

CORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leading the Roaring Fork Valley to a carbon-free, net zero energy future.