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What Local Solar Tastes Like

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Potatoes unearthed in Emma, chard harvested in Old Snowmass, herbs raised at Cozy Point. Who doesn’t love the bounty of Roaring Fork Valley produce and the simple efficiency of connecting food producers to food consumers? The local food movement has helped to develop more resilient food networks, bolster local economies, and strengthen the health, environment and community in small geographical regions like our valley.

Local food doesn’t just make better cherry tomatoes, it makes sense.

What if we could do the same […]

Yes, She’s an Energy Warrior

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Did you know that less than a quarter of all workers employed in energy-efficiency fields are women? Solar companies, utilities, and other facets of the energy industry also report uninspiringly low numbers of female participation.

Today we are celebrating boundary-pushing women who are bucking the trend. Below are five energy warriors who are creating change that matters and generating new possibilities. These female architects, energy-efficiency specialists, and contractors remind us to get up and do something!


Snowmaking Outside of the Box

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Aspen Skiing Company’s in-house snow and energy experts in the heart of the snowmaking beast — the primary pump house — on Snowmass Mountain. L-to-R: Jonathan “Jonboy” Beal, Ryland French, Frank White, Colin “Smartest Snowmaker” Martin, Jesse “Trailbone” Thome. PC: Michele Cardamone Photography

Our livelihoods and recreation — and some might even say our mental health and spiritual wellbeing — are depending on Frank White. As the head of snowmaking operations at Snowmass Mountain, Frank has the hopes of the community […]

The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard of

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If you care about clean energy and think utilities are boring, think again. Utilities play a key role in the fight against climate change. As much as 70 percent of Pitkin County’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy used in homes and businesses. And at present, 53 percent of the energy provided by the valley’s largest electric utility — Holy Cross Energy — comes from coal. That’s why a utility’s decisions around clean energy and energy efficiency matter.

Luckily, there’s […]

Sustainability: it’s a no-brainer

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Matt Hamilton and his family take a stroll in Carbondale. PC: Eyedrop Design

For Matt Hamilton, sustainability is a no-brainer. That might sound like something you’d expect from the Sustainability Director at Aspen Skiing Company. Not only does Hamilton work with CORE on various efficiency projects for their four mountain resorts, he puts his environmental values to work at home too.

Hamilton’s house was built in 1999 and he started calling it […]

Carbon-free Living for the Future

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Eden Vardy hangs with chickens and llamas at the Farm Collaborative, located at Cozy Point Ranch in Pitkin County. PC: Michele Cardamone

It’s not about social pressure. It goes beyond practicing what he preaches. Eden Vardy, Executive Director of the Farm Collaborative, strives to live a carbon-free life for the future. Whether it’s working towards a net-zero home (one that produces as much energy as it consumes) in Basalt or launching a five-million dollar capital […]

Imagine Climate Image Gallery

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In March, CORE launched a month-long celebration of climate art and technology to kick-off our 25th anniversary: “Imagine Climate.” This creative initiative, which brought in 14 artists and scientists over 28 days, included a climate art exhibition at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, the Future Energy panel at Aspen Center for Physics, “The Human Element” film screening and conversation at The Temporary, and the “We Are the Asteroid II” public art installation at Aspen Skiing Company’s Fanny Hill in […]

Dear Future Me

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Our interactive exhibit at the March screening of “The Human Element.” PC: Dan Bayer. 

“What we have to unflinchingly look in the eye is how much choice we still have. The hard part is not wrestling with how bad things could get — it’s understanding how much responsibility we still have to make things better.”

Alex Steffen, writer and futurist

What will you do to make the world a […]

Let CORE Be Your Matchmaker

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Just as dating apps have changed the dynamic of finding love, CORE is changing the relationship you have with your home. Think of us as your energy matchmaker. We give you tips and set you up with the right contractors so that a comfortable, low-carbon home can be yours. 

One of the hottest technologies on the market is the cold-climate, air-source heat pump. It’ s a sleek, easy-to-install heating and cooling system that puts us all on […]

25 Reasons You Should Get a Home Energy Assessment

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In celebration of 25 years of innovation, we present 25 reasons you should sign up for a home energy assessment. As an added bonus, for the month of March, Roaring Fork Valley residents can get the assessment for free.  Claim your free assessment.

1. It’s the biggest bang for your buck! The assessment is valued at over $600 and for the month of March, you can sign-up for FREE.

2. Caring about climate […]