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Why Waste Something?

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Sally Cole in her carbon-neutral art studio. PC: Michele Cardamone  A pioneering approach that protects habitat So many animals flow through Sally Cole’s mid-valley property on the Roaring Fork River that her friends nicknamed her place “Sally’s Wild Kingdom.” (Or when they want to give their gregarious friend a ribbing: “Wild Sally’s Kingdom.”) The herons, deer, bear, elk, coyotes, owls and ermine don’t quibble the point; to them it’s just home. A [...]

Let’s Start A Climate Resolution

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The month of January often marks a clean slate. It’s a fresh calendar to start with and a commitment for many, to making positive change. That could mean resolutions to sign up for a gym membership, start the keto diet or spend less money. But what if your resolution could make a larger impact? What if it could do more to tip the scale? Here at CORE, in our professional and personal lives, we act on climate. We know [...]

The Home of the Future is Electric

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We know that our fossil fuel addiction is destabilizing the climate. And yet, in much of our daily lives—from showering to sautéing—it’s been difficult to find a viable alternative, so we continue to emit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That’s all changing: electricity is getting cleaner, creating a clear path to a fossil-free future. What if everything ran on gasoline? This Nissan Leaf commercial has electricity looking better and better. [...]

You Are Powerful 2018

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Join us in celebrating locals like you — and our work together — that made our year. Thanks for helping us complete 803 energy improvement projects and save 3,386 metric tons of carbon (the equivalent of taking 700 cars off the road!). We're at the ready to help you save energy 365 days a year and we look forward to more carbon-busting work in 2019.

A Brewing Peace of Mind

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Lance Norton serving up happiness at Cilundu Coffee in Carbondale. Photo Credit: Eyedrop Design When you first walk into Carbondale’s Third Street Center, do me a favor, and take a right into Cilundu Coffee. There you’ll find a friendly barista interested in how the weekend went or your feedback on the week’s featured espresso blend. That barista is Lance Norton. Norton has a passion for his community and for coffee. During the week, he can be found [...]

Don’t be a Turkey: How to Talk Climate This Thanksgiving

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Over 27 million Americans (65% of the population) rarely -- if ever -- talk about climate change.*  This jaw-dropping number of people choose not to mention climate, when it is impossible for me not to talk about it. I talk about it over margs with friends and over cake at my cousin’s wedding; I also let my senators know what I think they should do about it. via GIPHY But I get it. [...]

Say Hello to Our Energy Pioneers

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CORE’s Executive Director, Mona Newton, welcomes the 2018 TRUE Pioneers grantees during the annual reception held in the blue twilight of dusk, at the Roaring Fork Conservancy’s River Center, a 2017 grant winner. We’ve got to do more and we have to do it fast, according the newest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report put together by the world's best climate scientists. That’s why we’re proud to present the recipients of the Randy Udall Energy (TRUE) Pioneer Grant [...]

5 Things That Changed After We Got a Home Energy Assessment

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This article was originally published by Aspen Real Life and is reproduced here as part of our Home Energy Assessment collaboration.  Sixteen days into my marketing gig at CORE, I was signing up for a home energy assessment. I figured first-hand experience was a must if I was going to be touting the assessment — a foundation of CORE’s energy-efficiency gospel. Plus, I wanted to know exactly how easy, or not, it would actually [...]

Saving Time + Energy

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Yvonne Klausmann and her daughters enjoying the fruits of their labor on a fall afternoon at their Snowmass Village home. On a Thursday morning, I gave Snowmass Village resident Yvonne Klausmann a call, inquiring if she’d be willing to be featured in our monthly You Are Powerful campaign. With the sound of saws in the background (she is in the midst of a significant home remodel) we chatted about her new life in the [...]

Faces of Energy Efficiency

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We hear about the role that oil and natural gas production play in Colorado’s economy all the time. But what if I told you energy efficiency -- not oil and gas -- is the No. 1 creator of energy jobs across the Southwest? A net of 67,000 jobs were added to the energy efficiency sector last year -- beating out new jobs in oil and natural gas production, electric power generation and other energy industries, according to a 2018 [...]