A Little Insulation Goes A Long Way

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When Bob Sirkus and his wife bought a townhouse on the Snowmass Golf Course in the fall of 2020, they knew it would need a full renovation. The Snowmass Club Townhomes were built in 1982, and while their three-bedroom, 2,900-square-foot unit had likely had a few facelifts over the years by multiple owners, “frankly we had no idea what was in the ceiling, behind the walls, or anything,” says Sirkus, a Snowmass Village Town Council […]

Ready-for-Winter Checklist: Businesses and Multi-family Properties

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CORE is Here to Help! 

Start You Path to Zero: Sign up for a FREE energy assessment of your commercial, municipal or multi-family property.

Get Energy Advising: Schedule a FREE energy advising session ahead of the cold weather to make a plan specific to your space.

Apply for Rebates: Stretch your funds with cash-back incentives for commercial energy upgrades. Don’t forget to check with your local utility for stackable rebates to maximize your match ([…]

Get Psyched on a Commercial Assessment with Mike!

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It all starts with an assessment. Ryan Honey received a CORE grant for TACAW, the first net zero performing arts center in Colorado. PC: Dan Bayer Photography.

If you are aware of CORE’s services, then you have probably heard of a home energy assessment. This is what gives you an analysis of how your home uses energy. But how do you get this information for a larger, commercial space?

Answer: Schedule a commercial assessment with […]

Last Call for Gas Appliance Tune-Ups

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Gas appliance rebates end Dec. 31, 2021!

Stay fired up all winter long by getting your gas appliances tuned and CORE will rebate up to 25% of the tab through the end of the year. 

Here’s what you can expect from a tune-up:

Professional and reliable service – an experienced contractor will clean appliances, inspect for damage and test them out before leaving you with […]

CORE’s Guide to Funding Commercial Energy Upgrades

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Funding commercial energy upgrades can be a big commitment and a little funding can go a long way. We put together this simple guide to help you maximize your almighty dollar and make the Path to Zero easy for local businesses. Here are a few simple and effective ways to bolster your energy budget: 

Stacking Incentives

If your home or business is in Pitkin or Eagle counties within the Roaring Fork Valley, you can […]

Zero Just Clicks for the Wickes

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Andrew Wickes & Adriane Simon’s Net Zero Home in Aspen

Like many who grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley, Andrew Wickes left home to pursue his studies, a career, and an urban lifestyle in Europe. And like many natives who decided to come back, he faced the quintessential local challenge: affordable housing. 

Andrew and his wife, Adriane, whom he’d met while living in Berlin, didn’t shy from this challenge. They lived with […]

The Social Costs of Methane

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Methane has been a large topic of conversation here at CORE and in the environmental community. Methane is 84 to 87 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year span , so by focusing on reducing methane emissions, we will have a larger immediate impact on climate change. Colorado is set to be the first state to consider the social costs of methane, putting the cost at $1,756 per short ton vs the carbon dioxide cost at […]

How to Zero: Your Climate, Your Path

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The Path to Zero: How to Unlock Incentives

We are all on the Path to Zero – zero fossil fuels, zero energy waste, zero carbon emissions. The Path to Zero is the most effective order to tackle energy upgrades in your home or space by taking the guesswork out of which project you should do next, plus rebates and incentives to make it happen. It doesn’t make sense […]

Cooking without Gas

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When it comes to healthy food that tastes outrageously good, Chef Martin Oswald is your guy. As the executive chef at Pyramid Bistro in Aspen and Mix 6 in Snowmass Village, his creativity in the kitchen is well-known. What’s not as well-known is that Chef Martin does it all without fossil fuels.  His kitchens, at home and at his restaurants, are all-electric. Chef Martin joined us at Ben Koon’s net-zero […]

Energy Bills: 2021 Energy Legislation Update

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The 2021 Colorado state legislature adjourned in May passing over 30 bills that will advance clean buildings, climate action, environmental justice, transportation electrification, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and just transition from gas to electricity.  This legislation will support achieving the state’s goal of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions 50% from 2005 levels by 2030 and 90% by 2050, an achievable and necessary objective.

The majority of the newly […]

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