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#StuckAtHome? Creative Ideas from Imagine Climate

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PC: Image courtesy The Art Base

Imagine Climate brings art and science to life — even from the couch. Check out what our thoughtful partners are doing to help you keep the fires of creativity burning. And don’t miss your chance for a fresh air fix that could win you a portable solar party kit from CORE.  

  • The Art Base has free Art Kits To-Go on their back porch (featured in the image above).
  • Aspen Words[…]

What Corona Can Teach Us About Climate Change

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Just last week, when things seemed funnier, a meme made the rounds: Climate change needs to hire coronavirus’s PR firm. 

Certainly, we’ve witnessed what can happen when there is community and political will for rapid change in the face of a public health threat — with scientists calling for urgency — that puts human lives, food supplies and mental health at stake. “Sound familiar?” asks Fast Company

Could there […]

As We Shift, Our Energy Usage Shifts

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible. For many of us, there’s less driving, less working in person (or, sadly, less working at all), and more time at home. As we shift, so does our energy usage. This brave new world means powering up our home heating systems for more hours of the day; keeping our hygiene on point with more hot water for handwashing, dishes, and laundry; and possibly going to a larger, […]

5 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of Heat Pumps

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Cheap, smart, and green. What’s not to love? That’s what CORE’s Program Director Marty Treadway has to say about the heat-pumps that heat water. He recently installed one during his whole-home energy retrofit. Here are five reasons we <3 this technology:

5. They allow you to be the master and commander of your water heater.

“The coolest thing for me as a homeowner is the level of control I have with a hybrid-electric (heat-pump) water heater.”

Heat-pump […]

The New Pioneers of Net Zero

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Aspen locals Sam and Desi Barney in their future living room. PC Dan Bayer:

Just beyond Aspen’s downtown core lies Smuggler Park, an old-school trailer park-turned-subdivision its HOA touts as “real homes for real locals.” Two of its residents, Sam and Desi Barney, are using a CORE Net Zero Homes grant to drive real change when it comes to how their home uses energy.

Sam and Desi prove that anyone can […]

Zero is Here!

By |2020-01-23T14:04:28-07:00January 22nd, 2020|Blog Feed|

Are you ready to create a healthy, comfortable, carbon-free space? So are we! Starting this month, we’re focusing all our efforts on one community-wide, zero-emissions goal we call the “Path to Zero.” It’s a streamlined platform we’ve developed to help you zero-out fossil fuels and carbon emissions in the built environment.

How Does It Work?

Path to Zero is based on the concept of net-zero buildings — the kind that generate as much energy as they consume. That […]

Art + Science Collide @ Imagine Climate 2020

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Wonder and delight at last year’s Imagine Climate. PC: Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Coming soon: February 25!

Mark your calendars: the 2nd annual Imagine Climate is coming your way. Science and art will throw sparks — and generate action — in the Roaring Fork Valley during this monthlong exploration of climate culture, February 25 through March 18. With two dozen collaborating organizations, artists and innovators, we’re bringing you creative perspectives and possibilities on climate like never before:


Let the Good Times Roll

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We love being a part of the 5Point family, celebrating the human spirit and our collective passion for the outdoors at last weekend’s 5Point Adventure Film Festival in Aspen. Thanks to all who stopped by to share their curiosity for zero-emissions life. As part of the Path to Zero initiative we’re launching, we had a drawing for a backcountry solar recharging station. Congratulations to winner Jamie B. of Basalt!

Stay tuned for […]

Know More, Use Less

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When master craftsman and energy analyst Steve Barbee isn’t performing energy assessments, he’s performing songs — on guitars he builds by hand. Photo Credit: Erin Danneker, Eyedrop Design

When CORE energy analyst Steve Barbee shows up to conduct a home energy assessment, you can count on a lifetime of knowledge walking in the door with him. Steve still manages to expand his expertise despite entering the building trade more than 40 years. […]

Top 5 Solutions to Fight Climate Change

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Has the climate strike sparked curiosity about how to lower your carbon emissions and fight climate change? You are not alone. In mid-September, Google searches for the term “climate strike” skyrocketed to their highest levels ever, a 100-fold increase from the year prior. 

CORE wants to put your inquisitiveness to work. In October, we joined four local governments—Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass and Pitkin County—in publishing carbon emissions reports and recommendations for the most meaningful […]