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Partnering for Sustainable AND Affordable Housing

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Architectural renderings of Basalt Vista created by  2757 design+build co. Affordable Housing. Often the topic of newspaper headlines, local radio stations, or conversations at the coffee shop. It’s also been a thorn in the side for our communities, struggling to diplomatically address the issue. How do we build it? Where do we build it? Who is going to pay for it? Over the years many affordable options have broken ground, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. [...]

This Little Box Can Help Your Business Save Big

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The Annabelle Inn knows that saving energy means saving money. Business owners looking to improve their energy efficiency often ask one question: which project saves the most money? For Annabelle Inn, the answer was adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to the hotel’s hot water circulation pumps, a simple move that’s projected to save the hotel almost $2,500 annually. Most commercial buildings have motor-driven fans and pumps that behave much the same as they have for years: the [...]

Basalt Cracks the Code

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We can’t overemphasize the importance of building codes. This dense and complicated set of guidelines on mundane things like insulation and glazing requirements isn’t fun leisure reading. But they are one of the most important tools local governments have to reduce energy use in homes and businesses -- and to take action on climate. With the goal of creating homes that use less fossil fuels while improving the comfort and well-being of inhabitants, CORE contracted with two sustainable building specialists [...]

Most People Don’t Know Where GHG Emissions Come From, Do You?

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CORE recently unveiled a new engagement station, the Question of the Day. Stop by our table at local events, like the Aspen Saturday Market, to submit your answer. If you’ve seen the CORE table at events lately, you’ve probably been asked the question: “what is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Pitkin County?” And chances are, you’ve answered wrong. The answer, buildings, are responsible for 70% of emissions across Pitkin County. The results were [...]

Leave Your Worries to CORE

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Photo credit: Michele Cardamone In 1973, William Crelli left his steel and coal mining Pennsylvania hometown to try out the Rocky Mountain terrain. Forty-five years later and he can’t imagine living anywhere else. “I was just going to stay for a ski season or two, but ended up staying,” commented Crelli, “I love the people and the community.” The 71-year-old Aspen local, who goes by Billy, has a laundry list of occupations that kept him going over [...]

Ex-Gas Driller Digs Deep for Energy Savings

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Art Rothman, former oil and gas employee and owner of Red Mountain Inn, explains how harnessing cool ditch water to chill the air conditioners in this guest rooms saves him $1,500 per year. After 28 years as a driller in the oil and gas industry, working his way from the bottom, Art Rothman had made up his mind: “I wasn’t going to keep feeding the energy companies.” He took his driller’s instincts in mechanics and fluid dynamics and [...]

Fitz Cahall: Where Public Lands + Energy Meet

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If Fitz Cahall had a motto, it might be “life as a creative opportunity.” The one-time hyphenated dirtbag (climbing guide-photoshoot manager-journalist) seems to have a knack for seizing the moment. Take, for example, when the print magazines he was writing for were flaming out and the 2008 downturn hit home. The seemingly disparate skill sets that he had acquired on his scrappy career juggle queued him up perfectly for the next adventure: co-founding a creative brand agency for the [...]

The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard of

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If you care about clean energy and think utilities are boring, think again. Utilities play a key role in the fight against climate change. As much as 70 percent of Pitkin County’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy used in homes and businesses. And at present, 58 percent of the energy provided by the valley’s largest electric utility — Holy Cross Energy — comes from coal. That’s why a utility’s decisions around clean energy and energy efficiency matter. [...]

Energy Efficiency at Her Fingertips

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Mary Frances Szoradi at home with daughter Amelia: “Our smart thermostats are super convenient. Controlling our thermostat and seeing our energy use right from our phones gives us more time for playing outside with our daughter, even when it snows in May.” Photo credit Michele Cardamone Photography. When Mary Frances Szoradi explains why she and her husband are modernizing their mid-70s home, she cuts right to the chase: “carpeting in the bathroom.” But faster than you can say [...]

Is Earth Day Still Relevant? More. Than. Ever.

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Everyday is Earth Day: during the 2015 Paddle in Seattle, 300+ “kayaktivists” formed a flotilla of protest in Elliott Bay, raising their paddles and their voices against Arctic drilling. Photo courtesy of Andy Clark. It's hard to remember a time before the EPA and the Clean Air Act. Prior to these protections, it was every man (bear, and river) for himself. On April 22, 1970, 20 million of those "men" filled the streets to call for preservation [...]