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Buttermilk Base Renovation Celebration

CORE awarded $100,000 to the new Skier Services building, and the renovation of the Buttermilk Mountain Lodge to help our community further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Skier Services uses heat pumps, a next generation heating technology allowing a building to be entirely heated by electricity. Hefty insulation, advanced control systems, and architecture that captures free heat from the sun all help lighten the load on the heat pumps. It is powered fully by electricity, and Holy Cross Energy is committed to making its electric grid 100% renewable energy by 2030. At the Lodge, several energy efficiency upgrades were made, including advanced controls for heating, kitchen exhaust and refrigeration systems, which will reduce the  natural gas usage in the existing building. 

“CORE is a key partner in slashing community greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in order to prevent the worst impacts of climate change in these mountains we all love,” says CORE’s Senior Director of Regional Climate Strategy, Ryland French. “Aspen Skiing Company is a longtime sustainability leader, and called in CORE to advise on the design process in 2020. Both buildings set examples to help others make similar decisions.” These buildings are at the entrance of Buttermilk and are proof that you do not need to sacrifice design and beauty for energy efficiency. 

At CORE, we understand we are better together. Read the full Aspen Times article on how it took “the whole community” to make this project happen.  For more information on CORE grants, rebates, and advising, contact CORE today. 


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Ribbon cutting ceremony at Buttermilk ski area base

There was much to celebrate at SkiCo’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Buttermilk base area renovation last week with a whole new Skier Services building and energy efficiency upgrades at the Lodge.

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CORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leading the Roaring Fork Valley to a carbon-free, net zero energy future.