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1704, 2018

The Mountains Are Calling

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Like many of us in the Roaring Fork Valley, the allure of the Rockies was big for Rose Abello — 2,000 miles big. On vacation from her NY career, she was perched on a chairlift when she decided it was time to convert her ski town fantasy to reality. With her eye on Aspen, she packed her bags in 1997 and threw down roots. So when it came time to purchase a home here, the PR and tourism pro knew that the mountains would be at the heart of retrofit decisions about her abode.

“I wanted to do some renovations […]

1303, 2018

Change for the Better: a Guide to Going LED

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When should you make the switch to LEDs? Should you wait until each light bulb burns out? Or go for the full lighting makeover now?

No need to hem and haw, say experts at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability who’ve done the math for you:

Your incandescent and halogen bulbs should be upgraded to CFLs or LEDs immediately. We at CORE recommend you go straight to LED.

It’s not as cut and dry for your existing CFLs. If you’re looking to save energy and lower your utility bill, you may hold onto the bulbs until 2020. However, […]

1502, 2018

How to Finance Your Energy Project

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It wasn’t soon after Michael Miracle and his wife moved into their Aspen affordable housing unit that the boiler they inherited started going on the fritz. With whispers of a neighbor whose heat went out for an entire winter, they started exploring options to keep the warmth flowing. “A boiler is pretty essential,” said Miracle. “I can’t say we would have gone without it.”

Essential — and expensive — as far as replacing items in your home goes. They invested about $6,000 in a Lochinvar Knight, which Miracle lauds for its small size and quiet operation in their 1,000-square-foot townhouse. By […]

102, 2018

Water Moves Them

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“We love spending time on the river with our boys,” says Chad Rudow. “We’re protecting the snowpack — which becomes water in our rivers — and saving energy, thanks to two rebates from CORE.” Image: Michele Cardamone Photography

You might say that the river runs through him. Chad Rudow’s love affair with water “goes quite a ways back,” to childhood hikes with his family alongside the streams of Estes Park. Later, as a young river guide, he gained an appreciation for the Roaring Fork Valley’s “gold medal” waters. Today, he is a riverkeeper, tending the quality of our […]

1601, 2018

Is Climate Change Busting Our Powder? Open Snow’s Joel Gratz Weighs In.

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Open Snow founder and meteorologist Joel Gratz breaking down the season at a recent talk in Frisco. Photo: Hugh Carey /

It was a dismal start to the ski season. By early January, I could run in a t-shirt, had shoveled less than a foot of snow and even the open ski runs were dotted with patches of grass and exposed rocks.

I couldn’t help but wonder: How should we make sense of this? Is climate change to blame — and if so, how? And, when will ski season finally start?

I went to acclaimed weather-expert Joel Gratz, founder […]

512, 2017

Aspen Energy Challenge Nets $1.6 Million in Energy Savings

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City of Aspen employees Ryland French and Chris Menges delivering the energy-efficiency goods during the Aspen Energy Challenge.

The City of Aspen and the Community Office for Resource Efficiency are pleased to announce that the organizations helped facilitate $1.6 million in energy savings in the community, compared to a 2013 through 2014 baseline in partnership Holy Cross Energy and Black Hills Energy.  From 2015 through 2016, these organizations provided education, rebates, subsidized energy assessments, and free energy advising to homeowners, renters, property managers, businesses, the Aspen School District, and the City’s own facilities to employ energy efficiency measures and […]