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In her role as Community Sustainability Manager at CORE, Sarah Gruen helps individuals, neighborhoods, and municipalities across the Roaring Fork Valley reduce their carbon emissions. Just as climate change affects everyone, Sarah believes that climate action will benefit everyone. In her writing, Sarah reports on our community’s home-grown solutions and the real impact they have on the world. She wants to make sure that everyone has the knowledge to drive powerful change!

The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard of

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If you care about clean energy and think utilities are boring, think again. Utilities play a key role in the fight against climate change. As much as 70 percent of Pitkin County’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy used in homes and businesses. And at present, 58 percent of the energy provided by the valley’s largest electric utility — Holy Cross Energy — comes from coal. That’s why a utility’s decisions around clean energy and energy efficiency matter. [...]

Is Earth Day Still Relevant? More. Than. Ever.

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Everyday is Earth Day: during the 2015 Paddle in Seattle, 300+ “kayaktivists” formed a flotilla of protest in Elliott Bay, raising their paddles and their voices against Arctic drilling. Photo courtesy of Andy Clark. It's hard to remember a time before the EPA and the Clean Air Act. Prior to these protections, it was every man (bear, and river) for himself. On April 22, 1970, 20 million of those "men" filled the streets to call for preservation [...]

Out Like a Light: Bulb Recycling 101

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Technology is changing faster than ever. This is even true with lighting. Upgrading to LED is a no-brainer. But what to do with your old bubs? It depends on the type: Incandescent bulbs: Odds are your house still has a handful of these. For years and years, they were the most common light bulb. You may be able to distinguish them by the metal filament. If you give them a light shake, you’ll hear a faint tinkling. You may be [...]

Change for the Better: a Guide to Going LED

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When should you make the switch to LEDs? Should you wait until each light bulb burns out? Or go for the full lighting makeover now? No need to hem and haw, say experts at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability who’ve done the math for you: Your incandescent and halogen bulbs should be upgraded to CFLs or LEDs immediately. We at CORE recommend you go straight to LED. It’s not as cut and dry for [...]

Is Climate Change Busting Our Powder? Open Snow’s Joel Gratz Weighs In.

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Open Snow founder and meteorologist Joel Gratz breaking down the season at a recent talk in Frisco. Photo: Hugh Carey / It was a dismal start to the ski season. By early January, I could run in a t-shirt, had shoveled less than a foot of snow and even the open ski runs were dotted with patches of grass and exposed rocks. I couldn’t help but wonder: How should we make sense of this? Is climate [...]

Climate Action Planning Isn’t Sexy. Why You Should Care Anyway.

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“Landscape of Change,” where climate change data meets watercolor, by artist Jill Pelto. Pitkin County knows that the climate is changing our valley and that ambitious action is needed — if we’re to stave off the forecast of warmer winters, reduced snowpack, disrupted water cycles, and increased risk of wildfire. So what is the County doing about it? ? On October 25th, the Board of County Commissioners...wait for it...adopted a PLAN. I know, I know. Plans aren’t [...]

The Right Move

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“CORE is an incredible community resource,” says Liz Stewart, recipient of CORE rebate funds. When a 70s-era investment property came into Liz Stewart’s possession, she knew she could count on CORE, again. Seven years back we helped the Aspen resident complete a home energy reboot on her home. This time around, CORE scored almost $3,000 in rebates to lower the cost of her latest energy makeover. As with any old home, this rental unit had its share of [...]

No Light Left Unturned

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Mark Taylor and Colin Laird (left to right) array themselves on the Third Street Center ro The Third Street Center Flips the Switch on Energy Efficiency At Carbondale's Third Street Center, sustainability meets the eye: solar PV on the roof, electric vehicle charging stations line the parking lot, low-flow water fixtures in the bathrooms, and skylights galore. But what’s happening behind the scenes is equally impressive: the Third Street Center’s staff are continually [...]

Can Local Government Make a Difference? You Bet!

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Sustainability starts at home, something that’s not lost on the Town of Basalt. The Town’s newly adopted Basalt Climate Action Plan and Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Communitypromises a path to reduce emissions, starting with its own operations. The plans include an aggressive goal for the Basalt community: reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. But, perhaps the biggest pledge of the Basalt Climate Action Plan is the vow to share the responsibility: the Town will consider allocating $100,000/year to [...]