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In her role as Community Sustainability Manager at CORE, Sarah Gruen helps individuals, neighborhoods, and municipalities across the Roaring Fork Valley reduce their carbon emissions. Just as climate change affects everyone, Sarah believes that climate action will benefit everyone. In her writing, Sarah reports on our community’s home-grown solutions and the real impact they have on the world. She wants to make sure that everyone has the knowledge to drive powerful change!

Don’t be a Turkey: How to Talk Climate This Thanksgiving

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Over 27 million Americans (65% of the population) rarely -- if ever -- talk about climate change.*  This jaw-dropping number of people choose not to mention climate, when it is impossible for me not to talk about it. I talk about it over margs with friends and over cake at my cousin’s wedding; I also let my senators know what I think they should do about it. via GIPHY But I get it. [...]

Say Hello to Our Energy Pioneers

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CORE’s Executive Director, Mona Newton, welcomes the 2018 TRUE Pioneers grantees during the annual reception held in the blue twilight of dusk, at the Roaring Fork Conservancy’s River Center, a 2017 grant winner. We’ve got to do more and we have to do it fast, according the newest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report put together by the world's best climate scientists. That’s why we’re proud to present the recipients of the Randy Udall Energy (TRUE) Pioneer Grant [...]

Faces of Energy Efficiency

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We hear about the role that oil and natural gas production play in Colorado’s economy all the time. But what if I told you energy efficiency -- not oil and gas -- is the No. 1 creator of energy jobs across the Southwest? A net of 67,000 jobs were added to the energy efficiency sector last year -- beating out new jobs in oil and natural gas production, electric power generation and other energy industries, according to a 2018 [...]

How The RFV Keeps the Lights On

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We’ve got a long list of ways you can use less energy, but a 72-hour power outage doesn’t make the cut. A blackout of that scale was a real threat during the early days of the Lake Christine Fire. Crews from Holy Cross Energy and Xcel Energy, two of the electric utilities serving our region, were working hard to keep the power flowing. The fire may be contained, but the utilities are still working around-the-clock to recover from the damage [...]

This Little Box Can Help Your Business Save Big

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The Annabelle Inn knows that saving energy means saving money. Business owners looking to improve their energy efficiency often ask one question: which project saves the most money? For Annabelle Inn, the answer was adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to the hotel’s hot water circulation pumps, a simple move that’s projected to save the hotel almost $2,500 annually. Most commercial buildings have motor-driven fans and pumps that behave much the same as they have for years: the [...]

Basalt Cracks the Code

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We can’t overemphasize the importance of building codes. This dense and complicated set of guidelines on mundane things like insulation and glazing requirements isn’t fun leisure reading. But they are one of the most important tools local governments have to reduce energy use in homes and businesses -- and to take action on climate. With the goal of creating homes that use less fossil fuels while improving the comfort and well-being of inhabitants, CORE contracted with two sustainable building specialists [...]

Ex-Gas Driller Digs Deep for Energy Savings

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Art Rothman, former oil and gas employee and owner of Red Mountain Inn, explains how harnessing cool ditch water to chill the air conditioners in this guest rooms saves him $1,500 per year. After 28 years as a driller in the oil and gas industry, working his way from the bottom, Art Rothman had made up his mind: “I wasn’t going to keep feeding the energy companies.” He took his driller’s instincts in mechanics and fluid dynamics and [...]

Is Earth Day Still Relevant? More. Than. Ever.

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Everyday is Earth Day: during the 2015 Paddle in Seattle, 300+ “kayaktivists” formed a flotilla of protest in Elliott Bay, raising their paddles and their voices against Arctic drilling. Photo courtesy of Andy Clark. It's hard to remember a time before the EPA and the Clean Air Act. Prior to these protections, it was every man (bear, and river) for himself. On April 22, 1970, 20 million of those "men" filled the streets to call for preservation [...]

Out Like a Light: Bulb Recycling 101

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Technology is changing faster than ever. This is even true with lighting. Upgrading to LED is a no-brainer. But what to do with your old bubs? It depends on the type: Incandescent bulbs: Odds are your house still has a handful of these. For years and years, they were the most common light bulb. You may be able to distinguish them by the metal filament. If you give them a light shake, you’ll hear a faint tinkling. You may be [...]

Change for the Better: a Guide to Going LED

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When should you make the switch to LEDs? Should you wait until each light bulb burns out? Or go for the full lighting makeover now? No need to hem and haw, say experts at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability who’ve done the math for you: Your incandescent and halogen bulbs should be upgraded to CFLs or LEDs immediately. We at CORE recommend you go straight to LED. It’s not as cut and dry for [...]