About Mac Scott

Mac grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where energy, water and the environment were frequently the topic of dinner table conversations. He enjoys taking part in all of the incredible outdoor opportunities the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer. Backpacking, hiking, skiing, disc golf and playing soccer are just a few of the ways he might to spend a nice day. On the not so nice days, you will find him listening to new music and working on his latest knitting project.

CORE IQ: Free Energy Assessment + Much More

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Want to make energy improvements at home, but on a limited income — or on unemployment? CORE’s Income-qualified Program has you covered. You could be eligible for a free home energy assessment and enhanced rebates to cover a majority of energy-efficiency project costs.

Find out if you qualify!

#YouArePowerful DIY Series – Lighting

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Mac’s back at it again with Episode 2 of our new DIY video series to get you started down the Path to Zero. This two-minute lowdown covers LEDs, which produce better lighting using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than old-school incandescent bulbs. Tune in for pro tips on brightness, color, rebates and more!

COVID Lockdown or Climate-Action Smackdown?

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The 50th anniversary of Earth Day was only coming around once a lifetime. So when our partners at 5Point Adventure Film threw down a challenge — create a mini-video of the Imagine Climate Billboard Project, from the living rooms of its artist-inventors, in a week — there was only one answer. Yikes! Then Yes. Here’s the CORE and 5Point collaboration.

Produced by Regna Jones, Mac Scott and Lara Whitley

Edited by Michael Stevens
Still photography by Stonehouse Pictures

Special […]

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

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CORE is here to help you create a comfortable, healthy, carbon-free space 365 days a year, and for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we want to make it extra special. We challenge you and your household to complete the Earth Day Energy Scavenger Hunt!


How it Works

It’s simple: download the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt and complete as many items as you can and share it on […]

#StuckAtHome Video Series – Plug Load

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Introducing the #StuckAtHome video series! We’ll be sharing videos of easy things you can do to save energy from home.

We are kicking off with advanced power strips (APS), AKA smart strips. Most home electronics draw standby power even when not in use. Check out the video to see how a smart strip will help you automatically cut standby power so you can do your part for […]

Reading List for a Warming World

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CORE and Aspen Words co-present a Reading List for a Warming World, a curated collection of fiction and nonfiction literature in which climate change is as much a character as a subject. The books were selected by the local literary center and are available at valley libraries, bookstores and Imagine Climate events in February and March.” Read more…

Tales of Water

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Tales of Water is a collaborative visual arts show co-produced between Skye Gallery and ETHER Arts Project, in conjunction with CORE (Community Office for Resource Efficiency), in the framework of their 2nd annual Imagine Climate, a month-long initiative that explores creative perspectives on climate change. Tales of Water showcases art by Tania Dibbs, Ángeles Peña, Lizzy Taber, Yuri Z and Pauline Rrrrrrr.

The show examines the importance of water as a non-renewable resource through the lens of scientific data, […]

Inner Climate/Outer Climate: wellness in the age of eco-anxiety

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  • Inner Climate/Outer Climate is a conversation at the intersection of climate change + mental health
  • Moderator: Karen Koenemann, director of Pitkin County Health
  •  Panelists:
    • Kerry Cesspooch, member of the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation
    • Laura Bartels, Executive Director of the Mindful Life Program
    • Kevin Hillmer-Pegram, Associate Professor of Sustainability Studies, Colorado Mountain College
    • Beatriz Soto: Member of Green Latinas; Latino Outreach Coordinator for CORE and Wilderness Workshop
6 to 7:30 pm

5 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of Heat Pumps

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Cheap, smart, and green. What’s not to love? That’s what CORE’s Program Director Marty Treadway has to say about the heat-pumps that heat water. He recently installed one during his whole-home energy retrofit. Here are five reasons we <3 this technology:

5. They allow you to be the master and commander of your water heater.

“The coolest thing for me as a homeowner is the level of control I have with a hybrid-electric (heat-pump) water heater.”

Heat-pump […]

Climate Billboard Project Kickoff Parties

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FEB 25 + 26 // Climate Billboard Project Kickoff Parties

art made from carbon emissions

CORE and AIR-INK co-present the Climate Billboard Project Kickoff, a bilingual public art project that uses carbon emissions to make art, bringing together creativity, community, and technology in the name of climate action. The showcases four original billboards designed, created and displayed in the Roaring Fork Valley starting February 25th as a part of Imagine Climate:

  • Aspen // Kate Howe // Aspen Art Museum
  • […]