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Lara Whitley is the Director of Brand + Creative Strategy at CORE. She gets a kick out of telling the organization’s stories and helping readers connect the dots between personal action and collective impact — all in the name of protecting our shared Rocky Mountain “backyard," where she loves to bike, hike and ski with her family.

Imagine Climate: CORE’s 25th Anniversary in Bright (LED) Lights

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We Are the Asteroid II, a public art installation by Justin Brice Guariglia that will be exhibited at Anderson Ranch Arts Center as a centerpiece of CORE’s 25th anniversary, Imagine Climate: a celebration of climate art + technology. “The ecological crisis we face today is the moral imperative of our time. At this critical juncture, art must be used as a positive force for social and political change, and to help open our minds to new possibilities.”  — [...]

Why Waste Something?

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Sally Cole in her carbon-neutral art studio. PC: Michele Cardamone  A pioneering approach that protects habitat So many animals flow through Sally Cole’s mid-valley property on the Roaring Fork River that her friends nicknamed her place “Sally’s Wild Kingdom.” (Or when they want to give their gregarious friend a ribbing: “Wild Sally’s Kingdom.”) The herons, deer, bear, elk, coyotes, owls and ermine don’t quibble the point; to them it’s just home. A [...]

5 Things That Changed After We Got a Home Energy Assessment

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This article was originally published by Aspen Real Life and is reproduced here as part of our Home Energy Assessment collaboration.  Sixteen days into my marketing gig at CORE, I was signing up for a home energy assessment. I figured first-hand experience was a must if I was going to be touting the assessment — a foundation of CORE’s energy-efficiency gospel. Plus, I wanted to know exactly how easy, or not, it would actually [...]

The Solar Way

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“With our rebates from CORE, we installed solar panels, cutting last month’s electric bill by almost 95% and lowering our carbon footprint,” said Greg Poschman, enjoying the solar gain with his family. Photo: Michele Cardamone Photography High above the valley floor, on a winding lane rightly named Solar Way, blue skies frame Pitkin County Commissioner Greg Poschman’s home. It’s natural that the Aspen native looked to the sun to offset his family’s home energy consumption and protect the [...]

Fitz Cahall: Where Public Lands + Energy Meet

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If Fitz Cahall had a motto, it might be “life as a creative opportunity.” The one-time hyphenated dirtbag (climbing guide-photoshoot manager-journalist) seems to have a knack for seizing the moment. Take, for example, when the print magazines he was writing for were flaming out and the 2008 downturn hit home. The seemingly disparate skill sets that he had acquired on his scrappy career juggle queued him up perfectly for the next adventure: co-founding a creative brand agency for the [...]

Energy Efficiency at Her Fingertips

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Mary Frances Szoradi at home with daughter Amelia: “Our smart thermostats are super convenient. Controlling our thermostat and seeing our energy use right from our phones gives us more time for playing outside with our daughter, even when it snows in May.” Photo credit Michele Cardamone Photography. When Mary Frances Szoradi explains why she and her husband are modernizing their mid-70s home, she cuts right to the chase: “carpeting in the bathroom.” But faster than you can say [...]

The Mountains Are Calling

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Like many of us in the Roaring Fork Valley, the allure of the Rockies was big for Rose Abello -- 2,000 miles big. On vacation from her NY career, she was perched on a chairlift when she decided it was time to convert her ski town fantasy to reality. With her eye on Aspen, she packed her bags in 1997 and threw down roots. So when it came time to purchase a home here, the PR and tourism [...]

Water Moves Them

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“We love spending time on the river with our boys,” says Chad Rudow. “We’re protecting the snowpack — which becomes water in our rivers — and saving energy, thanks to two rebates from CORE.” Image: Michele Cardamone Photography You might say that the river runs through him. Chad Rudow’s love affair with water “goes quite a ways back,” to childhood hikes with his family alongside the streams of Estes Park. Later, as a young river guide, he [...]

Aspen Energy Challenge Nets $1.6 Million in Energy Savings

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City of Aspen employees Ryland French and Chris Menges delivering the energy-efficiency goods during the Aspen Energy Challenge. The City of Aspen and the Community Office for Resource Efficiency are pleased to announce that the organizations helped facilitate $1.6 million in energy savings in the community, compared to a 2013 through 2014 baseline in partnership Holy Cross Energy and Black Hills Energy.  From 2015 through 2016, these organizations provided education, rebates, subsidized energy assessments, and free energy [...]

Furnace Fail: a Cautionary Tale

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Furnace #fail at Lara’s house, prompting some “indoor camping” around the wood stove. Avoid the long, cold night by getting your heating system serviced by a professional. On December’s coldest night, our furnace failed. We were fortunate. We had a wood stove, plenty of firewood, and lots of bodies. Everyone -- kids, parents, the dog -- piled on mattresses in front of the stove and snuggled together for a living room sleepover. I’ll grant you this: one night [...]