I feel optimistic about the future because I don’t believe there’s another worthwhile way to live life. Also, humanity has worked through giant issues and I don’t think now will be the exception (life finds a way). The world-wide effects of climate change are troubling, particularly how do you get billions of people who want to rise into the middle class to do so in an eco-friendly way? I try not to let these giant questions bog me down and instead my family focuses on what we can control by minimizing our footprint and teaching our son to do the same. We don’t live in a larger space than we need, we drive a small hybrid, we compost, I take cold showers, I get my food locally whenever possible, etc. My hope is that more people will look introspectively for how they can help with their direct actions, rather than letting the issue feel overwhelming or looking externally for help. Understand your circles of control, influence, and awareness and act and think accordingly.