Lance Norton serving up happiness at Cilundu Coffee in Carbondale. Photo Credit: Eyedrop Design

When you first walk into Carbondale’s Third Street Center, do me a favor, and take a right into Cilundu Coffee. There you’ll find a friendly barista interested in how the weekend went or your feedback on the week’s featured espresso blend.

That barista is Lance Norton.

Norton has a passion for his community and for coffee. During the week, he can be found serving up lattes and pour-overs at his small, bright cafe, Cilundu. Norton’s also the pastor for Midvalley Church, hosting Wednesday night bible studies and preaching Friday’s service.

When asked about how he spends his free-time, Norton answers humbly: “coffee and church stuff.” The deep sense of compassion Norton brings to his work goes far beyond those four words. As pastor, Norton is “trying to love people and make the community better.” Those values don’t stop at his own city limits; 100% of the proceeds earned at Cilundu go to a New Day Orphanage in Mapanza, Zambia. Not only is Norton’s coffee served up with a smile, it also comes with a side of goodwill.

As Norton has plenty of good work to focus on, it’s no wonder his home heating system wasn’t getting the love. Like many of us, the equipment found in a supply closet or dark and scary basement stays there, unnoticed and taken for granted, until something goes wrong. And unfortunately for Norton, he couldn’t push off that inefficient furnace any longer.

With a dicey heating system on his mind, Norton chose to tune-up his furnace. The cost-savings were there to give his heating system a new life, thanks to rebates from CORE and Black Hills Energy that would get him almost 50% back. The tune-up optimized the system, so much so, that Norton and his wife have noticed significantly less run-time for their furnace. His bible study group has experienced a difference too. Norton commented that the church is “glad the heater works” for those winter sessions, because even though they enjoy his homemade soups, bible study would rather not rely solely on hot liquids to keep them warm. Comfort isn’t the only benefit Norton, and you, can receive from a tune-up. Annual maintenance can improve the health and safety of your home and extend the life of your heating appliance, not to mention it’s cheaper to maintain a system instead of making an emergency repair call.

For Lance Norton, getting a heating system tune-up just made sense. He didn’t have to navigate the rebate process alone and ended up receiving over $180 in cash-back rebates. Added peace of mind, comfort and energy savings — all benefits of CORE’s programming — were the driving factors in moving Norton’s tune-up forward.

“Thanks to CORE’s help, I was less stressed about my home’s heating system and applying for rebates, leaving me more time to make coffee and give back to the community,” said the coffee-loving local.

Now with his furnace humming along, Norton can do what he does best: coffee and church stuff.

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