Cheap, smart, and green. What’s not to love? That’s what CORE’s Program Director Marty Treadway has to say about the heat-pumps that heat water. He recently installed one during his whole-home energy retrofit. Here are five reasons we <3 this technology:

5. They allow you to be the master and commander of your water heater.

“The coolest thing for me as a homeowner is the level of control I have with a hybrid-electric (heat-pump) water heater.”

Heat-pump water heaters allow you to monitor and control when water is heated using an app with at-a-glance data. For example, you can put it in vacation mode from your Uber to the airport. 

4. They are a batteries disguised as water heaters.

“If you like to nerd out on energy or you have a smart house, a heat-pump water heater provides energy storage without buying a battery.”

A battery for your home can be expensive, but what if we told you that your water heater could accomplish the same thing? Using the controls on the app, you are able heat water when it works best for you. That means you can heat water when the sun is shining if you have a solar array or at night when electricity rates might be lower if you don’t.

3. They reduce bills AND carbon emissions. Everyone wins!

“A heat-pump water heater is one of the cheapest ways to heat water with electricity, if not the cheapest, …[and] has the added benefit of being on the electric grid.”

Heat-pump water heaters cost between $400 and $600 more than a traditional water heater right out of the box. But thanks to low operational costs and CORE rebates, you can recoup your investment in 2-3 years. It’s all icing on the cake from there!

2. They will make you sing in the shower.

“Heat pumps bridge the gap between people who care about carbon, care about energy, and who care about smart homes; it’s the trifecta.”

There are many motivators for electrifying your appliances and heat-pump water heaters check all the boxes. Whether you are a power user of smart home data, or simply like a reliably comfortable home, they contribute to our common goal of restoring the climate.  

1. They are the MVP of net zero.

“This is what we are talking about. The grid is already cleaner than pure natural gas and is only getting cleaner by the day.”

Appliances are only as clean as the resource used to generate the electricity that powers them. This replaces your fossil-fuel powered water heater with one powered by green energy.  


Electrifying mechanicals is a big step on the Path to Zero and we are here to help! If you are ready to get started with a CORE energy advisor, fill out this form or learn more here about the Path to Zero and available rebates here.