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25 Reasons to Get an Energy Assessment

  1. It’s the biggest bang for your buck! The assessment is valued at over $600, but we provide them for $100. See if you are income qualified, and then they are free!
  2. It’s the place to start. Many homeowners can’t figure out where to begin with energy improvements. That’s the benefit of the energy assessment report: we’ll recommend a personal Path to Zero including which projects you should tackle first.
  3. Caring about climate change means caring about energy efficiency. Natural Resource Defense Council named residential energy efficiency a significant, cost-effective strategy to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. We couldn’t agree more, considering buildings account for 61% of emissions in Pitkin County. 
  4. Earn cash back. We put our money where our mouth is. After you’ve finished the assessment and completed recommended energy upgrades, we’ll send you a check. 
  5. Lower your utility costs. Cold air coming in means heated air (that you paid for) is leaving your home. (Picture this: dollar signs floating out of your attic). Improved home efficiency means less money spent on your gas and electric bills. 
  6. Be a part of the winning team. Join over 5,550 of your neighbors to start saving energy and celebrate as you help your community reach climate action goals.
  7. Instant savings. You are eligible for up to $200 worth of equipment that we install for FREE. These items, such as swapping out incandescent light for LEDs and insulating pipes, will jump-start your energy savings.
  8. It’s easy. Give us a call (970.925.9775) or enroll online. Our energy advisors can walk you through the sign-up process. Be prepared to answer a few questions about your home (they’re designed to help us prep for your one-of-a-kind abode). 
  9. Get comfy. Could you feel cool air coming into your home this winter? Yeah, let’s stop that, literally. We’ll pinpoint areas of air leakage and showcase where you can increase insulation. You’ll feel the benefits all winter and summer long. 
  10. Drive with directions. The assessment is your home’s energy roadmap, determining the most cost-effective upgrades to make first and what projects you can save for later on. 
  11. Leave the hard stuff to us. With an assessment, you don’t have to trek around your home feeling for infiltrating cold air. Leave it up to us to target areas of improvement, through a blower door test and infrared imaging.
  12. You can talk to an actual human about your assessment report. CORE advisors automatically call you to discuss the report after your assessment. We’ll provide you with tips, a contractor list, and our rebate brochure.
  13. Safety matters. During the assessment, your energy analyst will perform safety testing. That testing will ensure your home is safe from gas leaks and high levels of carbon monoxide.
  14. We’ve got standards. A Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified building energy analyst will visit your home to complete the assessment. 
  15. Hang out with cool locals! Meet our local energy analysts who call the Roaring Fork Valley home. They get a kick out of spending a couple hours investigating how to help you save energy … some might call the crawlspace their favorite part of a home. 
  16. Know your home’s carbon footprint. The assessment shows where you’re wasting energy and burning fossil fuels that ultimately contribute to a larger carbon footprint. 
  17. Create a healthy home. You go to the doctor for a check-up, right? What about your home? The assessment gives you an in-depth look at your home’s energy health. 
  18. Increase your home’s resale value. Homes from California to Washington D.C. saw 2-6% increase in home value based on energy-efficiency projects. 
  19. Go solar. Interested in solar? Get a home energy assessment to help you identify areas of energy improvement prior to sizing your PV panels. It can save you money in the long-run and gives you access to our renewable energy rebates of up to $2,250.
  20. Celebrate innovation. CORE is funded by the Renewable Energy Mitigation Program known as REMP. CORE distributes the REMP funds in the form of rebates and grants with oversight from the City of Aspen and Pitkin County. Take advantage of them!
  21. It’s a win-win-win. With an assessment report in hand, you can lower utility bills, improve comfort, and protect the climate. 
  22. We’ll find the little things. That furnace filter you forgot about, or the programmable thermostats that still isn’t programmed? Our energy analysts can help with that. 
  23. Light up. Your home that is. LEDs provide the same or higher quality of light, use 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than the old incandescent bulbs. (BONUS: they come free with your assessment).
  24. Treat your water heater to a cozy blanket. Nope, not the fuzzy throw kind, the insulated kind. Wrapping a “blanket” on your water heater can cut heat loss by 25-45% and save 7-16% annually on water heating bills
  25. Knowledge is power. In an easy-to-read format, the assessment lists top priorities, includes estimated pay-backs on projects, and breaks down your home’s energy usage.

Got questions? I am here to help. 

Interested in sustainability but not convinced? Here are 25 reasons to start your path to zero with an energy assessment.

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